About Us

dakBUILT is a wholly owned family business led by Darren Rogness and his brothers. Originally founded as Braaten Cabinets, the company was started under the ownership in of the “Braaten Family” in 1974. They started by building custom cabinets for your home and set the standard of custom cabinets for the next 50 years in the region. During the 1980s and 1990s, the company also built cabinets for businesses and apartments within its market reach. In the 2000s, they returned its focus to custom kitchens for the home.

In 2017 the Rogness family acquired Braaten Cabinets. Many exciting changes, growth, and expansion began to happen. By 2018, it officially expanded its service offering into Commercial/business construction. Also in 2018, they added the Choice Cabinet line of cabinetry, which services the multi-family and entry level/rental home market extremely well. In 2020, they moved to a new showroom on the frontage road of I-29 in Fargo, setting the stage for yet another round of growth in the residential market. In 2021, an opportunity to expand their commercial services further by entering into the hospitality industry, setting the table for what would come next.

Rogness Family, 2022

In Fall of 2022, dakBUILT was born and formally launched in January 2023. dakBUILT now focuses exclusively on the Commercial, Hospitality, and Multi-Family industries, while Braaten Cabinets was able to shift back to its roots of custom and semi-custom cabinets for residential. With the exciting creation of dakBUILT, combined with the almost 50 years of history and growth behind it, means nothing but great products and services for your needs.

While dakBUILT calls the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota home, but they are now built serve you anywhere in the country. They have partners in all areas of the country to service your needs as your product arrives to you from the hard working people of the dakBUILT Wood Products. Today, with the nearly 50 years of history behind it, dakBUILT is here to serve your needs in commercial, hospitality, and multi-family builds. Give us a call and give us a chance to take care of you and your business’ needs.